Our Customers Tell Us What They Really Think

At CARA Operations Limited we hired Rosedale Digital to support us in the onboarding, rollout and ongoing consultation of the SalesForce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and our CRM strategies. Specifically, Rosedale worked with our internal I.T. and Marketing teams to architect, build and implement SFMC while meeting our strict requirements for Banner and Corporate access and reporting. This included managing our IP warm-up program for 9 unique brands, allowing each to send email at scale in a matter of weeks. He also supported and helped train the team to leverage the SFMC tool and develop personalized and automated customer journeys.

George is a trusted partner that works closely with Cara to define email marketing strategy, define future-state requirements, and implement solutions to meet our goals.

I fully endorse George and Rosedale Digital as strong partner to support an organization in meeting their CRM goals using the SFMC.

Dave Colebrook VP Marketing at Cara Operations

We initially tasked George to help audit our email production process and provide us with best practices to strengthen all our programs. His strong experience with Email brought immediate value and gave us a data driven framework to push our programs forward. Our first encounter was so successful, we hired him a second time to help us build additional reports that will be used to provide our clients with greater insight into their email programs.

Pat Stagliano Director- Client Development & Project Delivery at Engage People Inc

George has a great understanding of online applications, and is extremely proactive with client requirements. From developing strategies and programs to increase customer retention and ROI to troubleshooting issues, George was always the go-to person for us. He is a great asset to any team and I would welcome working with him again in the future!

Ujjwal Dhoot VP Marketing at Charming Charlie

Thanks to George’s exceptional subject matter expertise Alienware was able to implement remarkably successful email campaign strategies that had a very material and positive impact on the health of our business and indirectly the value of our company at a time when the escalating transactional revenues originating from our email marketing initiatives drove our top-line revenue. With George’s extensive knowledge of competitor and industry practices — what “works”, and what has been tried but “didn’t work” — he became a trusted advisor to us who we consulted with almost everyday.

William Brown Principal at Brown Digital Strategy LLC

George has a great knowledge of the email industry, both at a strategic level, but also at a granular nuts-and-bolts level. That knowledge and expertise enables George to devise innovative solutions and opportunities for a client, and be a collaborator on the business instead of just a “vendor”. Add in his calm and friendly demeanor and you’ve got one great business partner!

Chris Ovsenny Director, Online Demand Generation & Marketing Services at Points